Onsite organic waste management

A mixed waste stream is the most difficult source to treat and recover resources. For maximum and best outcome it is important to separate materials based on recycling technology available locally. Organic waste if separated out of non -degradable materials such as plastics, glass, metals etc before disposal will provide raw materials for maximum recovery. Best outcome is achieved through proper awareness, training and collection strategies. We provide expert guidance in waste sorting and separation. The collection process can be custom designed for various locations. Ongoing monitoring and outcome analyses is done to investigate the effectiveness of strategies adopted.

Common technologies


Composting is the most popular onsite process to treat organic waste. For municipal/household waste containing food and meat waste, composting often is complicated due to odour and leachate issues and the risk of incomplete composting process. Incomplete composting process attracts pests and vectors of diseases making the whole facility an environmental hazard.
We have standardised a process to conduct composting of kitchen waste at household level without the complication or process failure. This can be operated by any household or in a cluster scale with minimum risk of failure or environmental issues. Our formulation RAOMix 2 helps in successful management of composting process of food waste at a decentralized level.


Vermicomposting is a popular technology in the tropical and developing countries. However its applicability is compromised due to the unacceptability of meat, dairy and prepared food waste in the process and system collapse in temperate regions.
Our research and trial outcomes have proved that the limitations of the process can be easily overcome by integrating technologies to treat municipal organic waste. This process is effective for small systems like households to cluster scale housing.


Improper sewage system is a source of pollution in developing countries causing serious environmental and health risks. This wastewater can be effectively treated using the innovative technology called vermifiltration which is technically and administratively feasible for onsite management. We can offer expert technical advice for setting up and operating vermifiltration system for onsite treatment of domestic and agricultural wastewater.
We offer expert advice, training and guidance to onsite organic waste management at household level and institutional levels that will reduce total waste generation facilitating total organic material recovery for application in gardens. This can help organic farming onsite and reduce fertiliser and water consumption.
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